He needed attention and affection at all cost. 

With all his efforts, the boss still ignored his existence. How do I win him over? He thought to himself. What if I stray a little? What if I offend him?

Maybe he will give me attention and love me. Charlie said as he stood on the bed.

In this video footage, Charlie the beagle tells the story and adventure of a prodigal son.

He began with a carefree spirit, but the boss gave no attention.

A few minutes later, he started to pull the bed sheets pretending to hide a toy randomly.

Isn’t it hilarious? Hiding a toy on the boss bed.

At last, Charlie got what he wanted. Love and attention.

That is how humans are programmed.

Everyone needs love and attention, no matter how small.

It might seem impossible at first, but with time things turn up for the better.

Do not neglect little things like; hello, how was it, I miss and love.

So many simple words that go a long way to do the trick.

Change that negative attitude and show some love and attention from today onwards.

Nothing makes a partner more happy than Little things of life.

It is not always about money! 

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