This video clip is inspiring and revealing.

If you open your heart and look deep into the meaning, you will discover that you can do anything if you believe in yourself. 

Betty is as little as she anticipated the situation analytically and was committed and prepared to take the risk of swimming across the stream.

Swimming on air before being dipped into the creek to try out is evident that Betty is confident.

Betty is a cute and adorable dog.

She shines like The Star that she is.

Alternatively, what do you think?

Betty is an amazing dog who loves to explore and try out new things.

Betty is confident! Yes, you will agree with me.

Betty is a good listener and finds joy in all she does.

Betty as amazing as she is, puts a smile on the owners face every day.

No wonder she could not stand to take the risk of losing her, in trying out her goal of swimming across a moving stream.

Ever been in such situation where you have to make a decision just like Betty? 

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