What could be cuter than two dogs snuggling up to each other and taking a nap together? 

These two Golden Retrievers are all tired out from playing together and have decided that they want to cuddle up close to each other and take a well-deserved nap.

One is a lot bigger than the other, so maybe it is a mother and pup or father and pup, the video doesn’t really say.

Whatever the case, the bigger dog and the puppy must really love each other to want to snuggle up next to each other and rest.

Sometimes a young puppy will bring an older dog to life again and make them remember their own puppy days.

Maybe that is what these two dogs are doing and the older one is happy to have a puppy for a friend.

Whatever the case, it’s obvious that the two dogs are more than just friends.

Just looking at them makes me want to take a nap too, it looks so comfortable! 

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