Most dogs love to play with and chase balls of all kinds, and these three Golden Retrievers are having a blast at their very own ball filled birthday bash. 

Laki, Shelby, and Maya are the birthday celebrators and balls are their favorite toys!

The video starts with the three pups on a deck, then suddenly lots and lots of balls of all sizes and colors start raining down onto the deck.

The dogs all get very excited and don’t know which balls to grab!

One of them grabs a big one and holds onto it while more and more balls fall into their deck enclosure.

The three dogs are wagging their tails and smiling their best doggie smiles.

They are even getting tired out by all the fun and some of the balls are being “killed” and are already flat, but that doesn’t stop the dogs from having fun with the ones that are left on the deck.

Finally, they just lay down with exhaustion but they are still happy for their great birthday ball bash. What a great thing for their owners to share with them! 

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