Labradors are dogs who usually love the water and this video features a Labrador daddy dog showing his seven puppies just how fun swimming in a pond can be. 

He jumps right in and one brave pup goes in with him and swims next to his dad happily around for a little while the others watch from the sidelines.

The father dog runs around the pond area and jumps in and out of the water as the pups chase after him.

Then, he decides to take the pups on a run around the trails area next to the pond and leads the puppies off into the wooded area.

They happily run after him.

Then, it leads to a marshy looking spot and a couple of the pups go swimming.

Then, they all run around on land again until they are beside the main pond again and the dad and several of the pups leap in to have some fun swimming around.

The doggy daddy day at the pond alternates between running around on land and dad and pups swimming in the pond. 

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