Peanut butter is a tasty treat and a good source of protein that many dogs love to eat. 

However, this cute Labrador puppy seems to not understand that the spoonful of peanut butter his owner is trying to feed him is actually food!

He backs away and barks at the spoon being offered and acts like it’s the enemy.

He won’t even give it a try or a lick at all.

He just keeps barking, jumping back and getting farther away from the offered treat.

Did someone scare him with a peanut butter sandwich?

His owner should take a bite himself to prove to the dog that it’s yummy and something he should like to eat.

Maybe that would convince this startled dog into trying that spoon of peanut butter.

It looks like crunchy peanut butter so maybe the dog prefers smooth?

You would think he would at least try a little lick of it, but not on your life.

He totally refuses to even smell it and back away further. 

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