Being polite is something we learn in kindergarten, because if you don’t say please or thank you then you won’t get a cookie or juice. 

However, most dogs aren’t that polite, except these three Golden Retrievers are very polite and know how to wait patiently in a line to get their feet cleaned off before they get to go for a ride.

They are standing in a perfect line and are quietly awaiting their turn for their owner to clean off their feet.

Most humans wouldn’t even wait that patiently.

But as we all know, dogs love to ride in cars and they would probably do almost anything to get the privilege of doing it.

And humans are possessive about their vehicles so it makes sense that their owners want to keep the dogs’ muddy feet out of their cars or trucks.

So, these dogs were trained to wait in a line and it accomplishes two things: dogs get their beloved car ride and the owners get a cleaner car.

It’s a win win! 

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