Some owners don’t want their dogs playing or sleeping on the human beds in the house, but this sneaky Golden Retriever is taking advantage of her owner not being home. 

The dog is rolling around, stretching out and just enjoying himself greatly on the bed.

The other three dogs are pacing back and forth as if to say, “Don’t do it! She’ll be back any minute. You are gonna get into trouble!”

But the wayward pup doesn’t listen at all and keeps on doing his antics in the bed, yet every once in a while he takes a peep out the window to watch for the owner.

However, eventually this sneaky pup’s owner does get home and catches him in the act of rolling around on the bed without permission.

Oh no, what is he going to do now?

Well, the is caught in the act, so the only thing he can do is put his paw over his eyes and pretend not to see the owner.

It looks so funny because he knows he is guilty but tries to ignore the fact as if it will just go away. 

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