Life indeed is educational. We learn every single day. 

Life is a teacher and no one knows it all as we discover new ideas and become creative by proper critical thinking and reasoning.

The average teenager wants to experience life. He wants to know why this is that and that is not.

The average teenagers experiment is done openly, but in most cases; secretly.

Jeffery the boxer is a good example of a typical teenager.

Jeffery the boxer is inquisitive, playful and never a loner as he always wants to be involved in everything he sees one do.

Jeffery is a quick adaptive learner and very sensitive in nature.

This video clip shows how inspiring young boxer wants to swim just like the rest of the kids. He does not want to be left out of the fun.

Imagine its sense organ working tremendously as he mounts the pool noodle.

Firstly, he fails, but with continued efforts and zeal, he overcomes its fears and accomplished the task of successfully swimming like the kids.

Though it is short and precise in content, it is interesting and informative. 

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