Not many people or even dogs like to be tickled, and this English Bulldog doesn’t like it either. 

He is doing his best trying to take a nap on the chair with his owner, when the owner all of a sudden decides to tickle the dog’s back leg and foot.

The dog’s foot shakes and twitches as he gets tickled.

The owner keeps on aggravating the pup, as his legs violently kicks out at the offending hand.

Why is the dog’s owner aggravating the poor dog?

Who knows, but he is only trying to take a nap and is being rudely interrupted.

We can all feel for the dog because getting tickled during anything, especially if you are trying to sleep, is not fun.

He is bound to wake up soon and likely be mad at his owner for disturbing his beauty rest.

At the end of the video he is still tickling the dog and the dog somehow manages to sleep through the whole thing.

Wow, he must sleep hard even though his foot is moving. 

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