Dogs love treats and dogs are also very smart, as we find out in this video about a four month old Golden Retriever pup. 

The puppy is given a stack of bowls, and he isn’t fooled at all.

He immediately starts lifting each bowl off the other, and surprise!

Each of the bowls contain a doggy treat that he quickly gobbles up as another pup looks on in amazement.

The dog lifts off bowl, after bowl and doesn’t even hesitate.

He seems to already know that the treats are there.

This dog is destined for stardom if he had never been shown how to find the treats hidden in the stack of bowls.

He never even acts puzzled by the trick and I bet he would also do well at those games where you hide a ball under a cup too!

Maybe his owner will try that the next time.

Perhaps too the dog will show his fellow pups the trick, but likely he would rather eat all the treats himself. 

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