Isn’t it just lovely to see the unique feeding relationship between a baby and a boxer dog? 

This boxer dog “Josie”, is fond of baby Noah, and it serves both as a playmate and a watchdog to the baby.

Baby Noah needs life memories to learn from and Josie the boxer can seen helping with that in this clip.

As demonstrated by “Josie” in the video clip, boxers can be very patient and loyal to their owners.

Even though Noah is just a baby, Josie didn’t make any attempt on the cookie until the baby handed it the cookie unintentionally.

And at that point, “Josie” thought it’s patience, had finally paid off as it wasted no time in retrieving the cookie from baby Noah’s hand not minding if Noah actually meant to offer the cookie or not.

This baby understands that the dog was around him because of the cookie, so he attempted to offer “Josie” the cookie just to see what would be the dog’s reaction.

But what he got from Josie compels him into portraying a combined expression of shock, disbelief and sadness.

What a lovely sight!!!!!

Watch how baby Noah reacts after gently handing Josie the Boxer a dog treat. His reaction is absolutely priceless! 

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