Hating shower time is absolutely a common thing to both dogs and kids. 

Actually, not all of them do, but at some point most have thrown a tantrum about it.

No one desires to drop what they are doing to get all wet and soapy in a shower, except there are toys in it!

We have all watched clips of parents trying to persuade their children “it’s shower time”.

There’s always a battle to get them into the shower room whether they are tricked, chased or dragged there.

It’s the same with puppies, they will do everything within them to avoid the shower room.

The annoying part for most owners is that puppies are very smart, faster and stronger than the kids!

Mylo the boxer has his own way of expressing his hatred for shower time.

See how he hides and pretends to be too tired when called by his owner for a shower time.

Guess the owner deals with this any time she wants to bathe her dog and maybe he loves his grimy body state. 

Watch this short clip to see his funny reaction when told to take a bath! And kindly SHARE if you enjoyed it.

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