We’ve all heard the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” but this cat and dog aren’t fighting at all, in fact this tabby cat appears to be in love with this Retriever. 

The big dog just sits patiently while the much smaller cat rubs and licks and grabs him.

The cat gets as close as possible, rubbing his head all over the dog and licking and biting his legs as he squeezes himself between the dog’s legs.

It’s unclear if the dog returns the cat’s love, but if anything, he tolerates it very well.

He never once tries to hurt the cat.

For whatever reason, the cat considers himself best buddies with the dog and is showing that love as best as he knows how.

It is almost embarrassing how blatantly the cat is being physical with the dog even while the dog totally seems to ignore it.

Rub, lick, grab, snuggle, it’s all there for the world to see in this romantic video.

You almost want to tell this pair to get a room, lol. 

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