Lounging in bed is a pastime that many people love to do, and this Bulldog and his owner start off with both of them sleeping away and the dog snoring very loudly! 

The dog is sleeping with his head on top of his owner’s chest.

Then, his owner wakes up and looks like he is trying to wake himself up.

He calls the dog’s name, which is Buddah, and the dog never even opens its eyes and just keeps on snoring.

He tells the dog that it’s time to get up! But this doesn’t work either and Buddah still has the man “trapped” under his body as he snores away happily.

Next, the man kisses the dog and tries to wake him up that way.

Buddah just stretches and makes himself more comfortable on top of his owner, but doesn’t budge.

Suddenly, the man whispers the “secret words” to his dog, and Buddah jumps up with his eyes wide open!

Wow, what words could be so powerful to get up a sleepy, snoring Bulldog? 

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