Dogs love food and some dogs even love to hide and sneak food they have stolen from their owners. 

This crafty Labrador looks guilty and his owner suspects he is hiding something in his mouth.

She asks him to show her, and surprisingly he does just that.

And then we get to see the proceeds of his bounty- nine tator tots.

Guess he was saving them for later, but he honestly admits to his crime.

The owner asks him if he wants to be alone to eat his stolen food since the dog may as well do so, since he has it.

The dog looks away with guilt and seems unsure if he should do so or not.

The owner tells the dog she loves him and the dog just sits there with his stolen tator tots snack.

Will this sweet Labrador thief steal food again?

Probably, but you can tell that he eats well based on his body weight and just likes to snitch the snacks because he loves food.

His owner just can’t stay mad at him for long. 

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