Sometimes people or even dogs have a bedtime ritual, and they can be as simple as reading a bedtime story or as complicated as, well what this cute Labradoodle pup does. 

This dog needs his rope twisty toy to chew on his way to dreamland.

Yes, I said it correctly!

This crazy dog loves his rope toy so much he has to hold it in his mouth when he drifts off to sleep every night.

The dog is laying in a weird position with all of his legs splayed out and he is on his back and the rope toy is being help tightly in his teeth.

He just lays there gently chewing it nonstop as he tries to go to sleep.

In the start of the video he is chewing on some sort of blue plastic thing, which could be attached to the rope toy, so it too has to be chewed by Watson, the dog, at bedtime.

Yes, this is very strange, but what the heck. 

Watson is cute and furry and sweet so that makes up for the odd bedtime ritual, so SHARE his ritual with all your friends.

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