Love is a word that comes and goes which few people really depict what it means to truly love somebody. 

There are times we just need to share, unburden the hurt we feel deep inside and looking at all ends, there is just nobody to share with.

Often times have the question come to mind of what really makes love thick.

Is it paramount that we fret over nothing?

There are times we just want to practice what we see, hear, imagine etc.

This two lovable, adorable, charming and beautiful Jack Russell puppies can not just stop kissing each other with enormous interest.

What are your thoughts?

The feeling of how did they manage to be so intimate baffles me as a person.

How and where did they learn or copy the act from? Was it from the owner? Was it how their mother helped took care of them after feeding?

So many questions, yet no definite answer. What runs through your mind at the moment?

If it is adorably loving and charming in your eyes, why not share with others.

Someone might be in desperate need of it. 

Thanks a million for showing love and care in this generation of ours were people no longer care.

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