We all have questions deep within our heart. We all need answers to certain questions. 

Scientist makes research wanting to prove why this is this and that is that.

They see opportunity in every single little thing we render irrelevant.

Discoveries are made every single day as we nurture the feeling of love.

The ability of putting the sense organ into play in our everyday life is rampantly increasing as the year progresses.

The Jack Russell dog is one breed that is inquisitive, attentive and knowledge seeking set of dog.

The Jack Russell is one breed of dog found in so many homes as it is easier to train.

It also possesses good health conditions which does not bring much expenses to its owner.

It is one dog that loves growling almost every time.

This short video clip shows the vital true nature of a Jack Russell inquisitive lifestyle as it looks with much concern at the bubbles floating, while wondering where it is headed, why it floats on air and where it goes when it reaches the ground.

Is it that funny? Truth is; we do this every single day too. Does he really look scared or studying the floating bubbles? 

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