Ever been intimidated in life? Bullied during school days? Then, it only boils to one question. What response emancipated! Did that fear of being beaten up and embarrassed ever stop? 

Truly, one need to look deeply down and search within oneself how it resulted to the kind of life we live today.

Would it have been much better if one conquered the worst nightmare and inbuilt fears?

As one ponders on what life would have been like.

Take time to watch this sensational award winning video clip and see how a little Jack Russell puppy stood up to an intimidating adult Ridgeback who wanted to have the shirt all to itself but could not because the little Jack Russell dog fought gallantly, claiming its stand and authority in protecting not only what belonged to him but also its friends.

The Jack Russell endlessly never gave up even when being pulled around by the Ridgeback dog.

This is not only interesting and funny, but it is educative to every human, as it teaches us to be bold in taking our stand no matter the difficulty we might find ourselves. 

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