Puppies cherish food. They ponder on it, expect it, delight in it, look for it. 

Even their systems, structured for catching and killing prey, shout out, “show me the meals!” When they have those charming small running dreams, they are in fact chasing what they need to eat.

Unlike humans, who usually reach a point of satiety, most dogs will eat until they reach the teeming point, and then eat a little more.

It’s a trait passed down from wolves, who if lucky enough to kill a deer or moose, would eat voraciously, knowing that the next food can be days off.

And so most pooches, if given the opportunity, will eat food whenever it comes their way.

I want dinner! The dog cries out.

Tyson, a cute 10-12months rescue puppy! This is his interaction with his owners if his dinner is not ready at exactly 5:30 pm. Funny, right? He’s got an incredible personality!

According to his owners, he’s had a difficult time over the previous year – he was abandoned in a mall, automobile garage and when he was found he was in a bad shape health-wise.

As you can see, he’s now alright and excessively keen on dinner time! 

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