Dogs can be taught to do lots of things to help their owners, but what Katie the Great Dane does is rather amazing. 

She not only has been taught to bring groceries in from the car for her owners, she actually brings in a whole roasted chicken and doesn’t eat a bite!

The dog must have a lot of patience and some good obedience training since most dogs would have torn open that roasted chicken and scarfed it all down in just a few minutes.

But instead, she carefully picks it up with her mouth by the handle on the box and slowly walks it all the way inside the house and waits patiently in her dog bed with it until her owner can come to pick it up.

This is just one example of a dog’s devotion to detail and the ability to be taught many things that you wouldn’t think possible.

If that owner is able to get a dog to ignore his instincts and not gobble up that chicken, then they must be a great trainer.

And Katie must really love her owner too. 

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