Ever searched for a trustworthy friend? Ever been lonely and needed someone who could be talked with or share your feelings with? 

Then, a true boxer dog is all that is needed! What? Finding it silly and annoying? Have there been a time when all that came to mind was to sit down, pondering on why dogs was tagged man’s best friend critically?

Allow me explain quickly in a short piece why the boxer dog can be your trustworthy, friend and lovely companion.

The boxer dog if trained properly from the puppy stage, grows to listen, become friendly and protective. There was this movie titled ‘ Marley’. Marley was a boxer dog who showed love, care and built a strong attachment not only to its owner but the kids as well.

Boxer dog can be trusted and is a good communicator for it, listens attentively and act accordingly.

It is a cool dog with a bright shiny skin coupled with a well balanced muscular for racing, jumping and playing.

This video clip depicts friendly emotional expression and interaction between a boxer dog and a little baby as they both playfully communicate with each other. How does it understand baby language? 

Quite funny right? Put a smile on someone’s face as we share continually, the love in friendship by telling / SHARING with family and friends today.

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