This 4-month old Golden Retriever is showing how smart he is, as well as how much he loves treats. 

All dogs love treats and solving puzzles is a great trick that you could try to teach to your pup too.

It would be fun.

This dog is given various muffin tins loaded up with tennis balls, however, under some of those tennis balls is a tasty treat.

The dog finds the treats every time with no trouble at all in only a few second, and pushes away the tennis ball so he can eat them.

Likely he is smelling the treats and that is how he is finding them so fast.

Remember, a dog’s nose is lots stronger than a human’s nose.

It would be simple for him to smell where someone hid the treats.

As a bonus, he gets to play with all those tennis balls too.

At the end of the video he is rolling around with all the tennis balls and he looks pretty happy and pleased with himself. 

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