What could be better than being swarmed by a big little of sweet, furry Golden Retriever pups? 

It must be heaven to be able to play with a bunch of puppies on a blanket like this little girl gets to do.

They are all super friendly and want to kiss and lick the little girl as she laughs and cuddles with a couple of them.

They are surrounding her on the blanket and she is in the middle of a puppy pile of cuddly fun.

Maybe her family raises Golden Retriever puppies and she gets to be playful with them all the time.

We don’t really know why she gets to have all this puppy fun, but I am envious of her for sure.

The puppies are getting socialized and having a good time with the little girl at the same time.

It is a win win scenario for everyone.

That’s part of the reason that everyone says that happiness is a warm puppy. 

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