Dogs love to play with sticks and sometimes find sticks that are too big for one dog to carry. 

However, these two cute puppies have figured out that if they work together they can play with the stick they crave.

So, the two sweet dogs are carrying around this stick together and won’t give it up no matter what.

They walk around with the stick in their mouths as the two bigger dogs, which may be their parents, stand around and watch their antics.

Puppies are cute to begin with and these two look even cuter as they carry around the stick together so it won’t fall.

I wonder if they will keep the stick and never let it go?

They sure act like it is the best toy in the world and they don’t want to put it down.

The bigger dogs just ignore them and don’t even seem to be watching the pups carry the stick around the yard, but the pups don’t even care, and just stroll around the area together while carefully holding the stick. 

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