Puppies are so cute and everything is a new experience for them. 

This Golden Retriever puppy is experiencing a baby carrot for the first time and doesn’t exactly know what to do with the orange vegetable.

He sniffs, paws, and jumps at it and isn’t sure whether to play with it or to eat it.

He pushes it around, keeps jumping back and forth when his nose touches the carrot and is very curious about it.

Some dogs like to eat baby carrots for a treat, but this puppy isn’t sure if it is food or a toy.

He keeps his eyes on the vegetable though and doesn’t let it get out of his sight.

Maybe he will eventually decide to take a bite of the carrot and will realize it is a crunchy treat that can help keep his teeth in shape and isn’t just fillers like some doggy treats.

Carrots are good for dogs and can provide some needed vitamins. 

But first this little guy needs to give the carrot a chance and not act like he is scared of it or that he doesn’t know what to do, so SHARE this cute video and help him out.

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