Puppies can react to a lot of strange things or even with a common object, like a spoon. 

This puppy doesn’t seem to know if the spoon on the floor is friend or foe.

She barks wildly at it, paws at it, and jumps around the area.

She isn’t sure what the spoon is or why it is laying in her territory.

It is kinda cute to watch her act like the spoon is a monster or something and leap and bounce around it while trying to figure it out.

It makes you wonder how the spoon got on the floor and why no one picked it up.

At least this puppy has made it clear that someone now needs to get this thing out of her living room.

The spoon is something she wants gone and out of her sight.

Still, it is strange that a simple daily object like a spoon can cause so much of a fuss in a little dog. 

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