Brushing the teeth keeps a person’s mouth clean and fresh and prevents other health problems, and this little Golden Retriever puppy named Daisy seems to know that. 

She is chewing on a human toothbrush, but it’s bound to be helping to clean her puppy canines too.

She is holding the toothbrush between her paws and chewing on the brush end of the toothbrush so it seems she knows what she is doing.

She’s an inspiration to dogs everywhere.

Some dog owners brush their pet’s teeth, but maybe Daisy is independent and wants to show her owners that she can take care of her own dental needs.

Even so, it would be a good idea to check to make sure she isn’t eating the toothbrush and is just cleaning her teeth with it.

If it breaks off it could be a severe choking hazard for sure.

Puppies do like to chew almost anything and that’s a fact.

Puppies are cute and Daisy is a typical puppy. 

So, let’s SHARE this video of a puppy cleaning her teeth for all the world to see and maybe it will help encourage your kids to brush their teeth too.

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