What could be better than playing on a swing on a warm day? 

Why doing it with a bunch of Golden Retriever puppies that’s what!

These sweet little pups are having fun on a yellow swing and are just sitting on it wrestling with each other.

At one point, one of them jumps or falls off and then another one does the same, leaving two of the four cute pups left playing on the swing.

The continue to wrestle and chew and play with each other.

Swings are usually for children, but these little pups are like little children for sure and maybe that’s why the swing was put there for their enjoyment.

Or maybe it is a child’s swing and they are just in the area and wanted to try it out for themselves.

Whatever the case, they sure look like they are having a blast.

They also have some sort of dog or baby toy in the middle of the swing, but it looks like they would rather play with one another than the toy. 

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