These two Golden Retrievers are having fun chasing each other round and round the coffee table. 

However, the smaller one has figured out that he can fit through the space in the middle of the table and his older and much bigger brother can’t.

He races through the hole time after time and the older dog just keeps running and chasing him.

Tag, you’re it, they seem to be saying as they race each other around the table.

Finally, the older one seems to figure out just how his younger sibling is outsmarting him and getting ahead of the chase.

However, the younger dog just looks very pleased with himself and smiles with his tongue hanging out as he stares mischievously with the older dog.

Their game of tag has been a fun thing for the two of them to do and likely they will do it again.

It’s nice that the older dog likes to play with his younger and smaller brother.

Golden Retrievers are a gentle breed of dog too and are said to be very good with human kids too. 

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