Carrots are not usually toys, but this Golden Retriever puppy must think they are because he is having fun barking, and jumping around and playing with a baby carrot. 

The puppy tosses it and barks at it and doesn’t seem to know what to do with the orange vegetable.

It’s funny to watch the dog go nuts over the tiny carrot. He is very interested in it, but he doesn’t even try to eat it.

He just wants to treat it like a toy all around the living room carpet.

Carrots are actually good for dogs too, and some owners give them as treats.

Maybe his owner did just that but the puppy doesn’t know it’s food.

He must think he’s been given a strange new thing to play with by the way he is treating it.

Would you give a puppy a carrot for either a treat or a toy?

I am not sure that I would, but someone must have thought it was a good idea. 

All in all, whether he thought it was a toy or a treat, he is having fun so SHARE this video of this happy pup with everyone you meet.

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