Dogs love to play with balls, but most dogs don’t have a giant yoga ball to play with like Jasper the Golden Retriever. 

He seems very happy to run around playing with his giant yoga ball as two of his doggy friends play nearby, but don’t seem interested in his yoga ball.

Jasper is smiling happily and pushing the ball around the field.

The yoga ball is much bigger than he is but he doesn’t have any problems making it quickly roll around.

Maybe Jasper wants to play soccer with his giant yoga ball and needs a team to play with him.

Too bad the other dogs in the video aren’t interested.

Even so, he is having a blast all by himself.

He is also getting a bunch of exercise, which is also a good thing.

Jasper doesn’t even realize that his fun can also be healthy for him.

Maybe he can get his owners interested in playing with him next time instead of taking this cute video. 

However, I’m glad the owner made this video because it looks cute and everyone that sees it will want to SHARE it with their friends and coworkers.

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