Some dogs love music and some dogs hate it, but Max the Golden Retriever likes to sing when his owner plays the harmonica. 

Max is just lying in the chair relaxing, but when he hears the music of the harmonica start up he begins to while and howl with the sound.

The music has woken Max up from his nap, but instead of being mad, he seems happy to hear the music and “sings” as the owner plays.

Harmonicas are an easy instrument to play and the owner seems to do a pretty good job with it.

However, it is probably hard to find a dog like Max that actually likes the sound of one, but he surely does like it.

Some dogs like other kinds of music too, but you never know if your dog will like it until someone plays them the music via various types of instruments.

It likely depends on if the instrument is hard on their sensitive doggy ears. 

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