Dogs and cats are not always friendly to each other, but this grey tabby cat seems to be in love with this Golden Retriever. 

The kitten is snuggled up to her buddy and stretching out and grabbing his face and body with her paws.

The roly poly kitten squirms around and playfully grabs at the dog as he stretches way out on the couch.

No matter what he does to the dog, the dog totally ignores his little cat companion and isn’t one bit aggressive with the cat.

At one point, they both stand up on the couch and the cat looks out the window for a minute while the dog curls up and gets more comfy on the couch.

Then the kitten decides to start grooming the dog and licking his head.

Finally, he too curls up on the couch with his friend the dog.

Likely they do this all the time and are the best of buddies.

It’s so sweet to see them together. 

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