These baby quails don’t have to worry about any enemy, as this German Shepherd dog watches over them closely. 

When these miniature quail infants were born, they needed a trusted guardian.

After watching the brood break open from their eggs, it was obvious that there is just one dog to do the job and his name was Thorin.

The German shepherd’s owner had kept a small number of quail eggs to raise up.

Once the little infant cracked out of their spotted brown colored shells and started their exploration, they were almost the same size as the thumb of Thorin’s owner.

The German Shepherd owner placed the baby quails on a frizzy russet rug where he was relaxing. 

Thorin gazed down to see his new friends jumping around, full of adventure and amazement.

The dog sat with them a little, and with his nose gently licking and touching them from side to side.

The noisy baby quails were so curious, just like Thorin, making continuous chirping sound as they all strive to be covered with the warmth of Thorin’s forearm.

All they wanted to do was to tour their new home with their caring Thorin shepherd beside them.

These baby quails don’t have to worry about enemies as their new friend Thorin the German Shepherd will protect them! 

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