Everyone loves to watch puppies play, and these funny little brown and black Corgi pups are having a blast with a cardboard box. 

It appears that these pups are on display in either a pet store or other location.

They are jumping around on a carpet of wood chips and all six of them have grabbed hold of the same cardboard box.

They are all chewing it and pulling it like it is a doggy toy, but since they are pulling in six different directions, they aren’t really getting anywhere.

People are having fun laughing and watching these six fur balls chew and yank on this small cardboard box that has been put inside their pen.

Who knows if it was meant to be a toy, but this group of pups have turned it into one.

They think it is fun to grab and pull it around the pen.

Dogs do like to chew on things, and a cardboard box is a free way to let them do it, but it sure will make a mess as they tear it up to lots of pieces. 

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