Getting disturbed when you are really comfortable in bed sleeping is not fun, and this silly bulldog is not happy. 

He is sleeping between his owners in their bed and is upside down with his head snuggled against the husband.

The bulldog is making a really strange noise that sounds like a mix of a growl and some sort of purring sound.

The husband can’t help but laugh at his dog making this weird sounding noise.

The dog stays upside down and making that horrible noise and the husband is going crazy and laughing hysterically by now.

It seems to be the wife who must be irritating the bulldog and making him complain about getting up out of the bed.

Finally the dog squirms around and turns sideways in the bed, but still is making the funny noise and doesn’t seem to be happy about the thought of getting out of a nice, warm and comfy bed.

So, will the owners have to drag this silly dog out of the bed?

Or will they all three stay there and listen to the funny noise and laugh the day away? 

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