Most dogs love to run and chase a ball thrown by their owners, but this funny English Bulldog doesn’t seem to be able to get the hang of it. 

His name is Humphrey and he loves to run very fast towards the ball thrown by someone off screen, but every time he tries to stop himself to actually grab the ball, he trips and falls all over himself.

The excited dog tries over and over again to catch and grab the rolling ball, but it must be rolling too fast for him because he can’t get coordinated enough to grab it before he tumbles over again right beside the ball.

His owner laughs at the poor dog’s antics.

But you can say one thing for this determined pup.

He doesn’t give up trying to learn how to fetch that dratted ball.

Maybe his owner needs to take Humphrey to a dog park so he can get some ball catching pointers from more experienced dogs.

But before then, this English Bulldog is not going to give up!

His face shows his determination to win. 

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