Dogs love to take a nap in a nice, soft spot and this cute little English Bulldog pup is trying out a giant new bed. 

He bounces and jumps and runs around in the pillow like doggy bed and looks like he is having a great time.

What could be more fun than playing on a new bed?

At one point in the video he runs over and gets under a table to get inside what looks like a small doggy bed, but quickly decides that one is not for him!

It must be his old bed, but he really prefers the bigger, more bouncy bed.

It’s so fun to watch his silly antics.

Don’t you want to just join him on that bed and bounce around with him?

Too bad there’s not enough room.

Eventually he has to get tired and stop jumping and bouncing around in the bed, but until then we can all laugh and feel good watching him be happy and contented. 

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