Porkchop the English Bulldog loves to sleep and when he sleeps he snores very loudly. 

In this video, he was sleeping very soundly and snoring as usual, when suddenly his owner decides to lay down on the floor next to the sleeping pup.

You can bet he had no idea of what his dog was going to do next!

Porkchop then opens his eyes and turns his head to his owner’s bald head and starts to lick it.

At first he licks slowly and his owner keeps his eyes shut, but as time passes, the dog’s licking gets more enthusiastic.

It looks like Porkchop thinks his owner’s head needs a through bath!

As the slurping gets louder his owner opens up his eyes, and Porkchop never waivers in this task.

He just keeps on licking and washing his owner’s head.

All in all, snoring dogs on videos are common, but it sure isn’t common for it to turn into a head bath for the dog’s owner!

It is hilariously funny and is a video you don’t want to miss. 

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