Robot vacuum cleaners like the Roomba are becoming very popular in homes. 

It would also seem that they have gotten popular as riding toys for pets, as this English Bulldog puppy is having fun riding one around the house as it does its cleaning cycle.

Some pets are probably afraid of regular vacuum cleaners, but maybe the Roomba is different since this pup really likes riding it like a toy.

Looks like fun, too bad people are too big to ride one too.

This pup was afraid of the Roomba at first but then it decided it was a fun thing to do to ride it instead of barking at it.

Maybe it will become a routine thing for the pup to ride the Roomba just like it was a daily rodeo show in his own home.

You could even charge admission to your friends to watch your dog ride the roving Roomba around the house.

It’s so cute, they might even be willing to pay the admission price. 

So if you don’t want to pay admission to watch a dog ride a Roomba, then instead you can watch and SHARE this very brave dog.

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