Carrots are something you normally associated with rabbits, but this cute and pudgy English Bulldog puppy has claimed a raw carrot as his newest and most favorite toy. 

He can be seen chewing and pushing the carrot across the floor as his owners ask him what he has.

The little dog jumps around with the carrot and playfully chews it and holds it in his mouth.

This carrot is a real raw carrot, it is not even one of those carrot squeaky toys at all.

It makes you wonder where he got the vegetable in the first place? Did he mug a rabbit, lol? Whatever the case, he really seems to like to carry it around, toss it, chase after it and push it along the floor. Who knew that a raw vegetable could be a cheap toy for a puppy?

There are dogs that like to eat both raw and cooked carrots, but I have never seen one play with one like this pup is doing.

Maybe his owners need to buy him a few more regular dog toys. 

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