Some pet stores allow you to bring in your pet to enjoy the shopping experience. 

This English Bulldog’s owner has taken it a step further, and the dog is riding around in a stroller and actually pointing to the things he wants to buy.

First, he goes down the food aisle and choses a bag of dog food, next he heads down the treat aisle and picks out some chewy dog rawhide bones, and then his owner wheels the lucky pup down the toy aisle.

There, the dog chooses some sort of purple ball like toy, and then he decides he wants a nice, warm red and black plaid blanket, which he has placed behind his head as they continue to tour the store.

The Bulldog heads over to the tropical fish tanks and has fun watching the fish swim around.

Next, he visits some ferrets in a terrarium, and swings by a black and white cat in an enclosure that looks like it isn’t sure if the dog is a friend or foe. 

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