Everyone loves pizza, and this English Bulldog is having a pizza party! 

It starts off with him running to the door to meet the pizza delivery.

He smiles happily at the box and opens it with his paw to see the pizza inside, which appears to be a half cheese and half meat pizza.

You can almost smell the tomatoes and cheese, yum!

Next the Bulldog walks around the corner to the kitchen, opens up a drawer and gets out some paper plates for serving the pizza.

We next see him sitting at the table with slices of pizza spread out on the plates for him and his guests to enjoy.

He even has his own placemat.

All that’s left is to wait for his guests to arrive so they can enjoy the delicious pizza!

His owners must really love this pup to throw such a lavish party for a dog.

Yes, it’s very unusual for a dog to have his own pizza party, but his pup is lucky that he is going to enjoy some yummy pizza! 

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