Music is said to soothe the savage beast, and while this English Bulldog named Brutus is far from savage, he sure seems to love music. 

His owner says that every time he hears music he wants to dance.

We see him here sitting on a bed with his owner, as music is rocking in the background.

He is even sitting in a position almost like his owner as he sways and bobs his head with the beat of the tune.

This dog has rhythm and can even keep time as he bops and rocks and really seems to be enjoying the music.

His owner is behind him, and she is also enjoying the tune and is dancing along with her pet.

I wonder if it matters what kind of music he dances to or if Brutus just loves to dance with his owner to all kinds of music.

Whatever the case, he appears to be having a blast as he scoots his butt to the beat and jiggles his head to the music. 

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