Some dogs are trained to retrieve ducks when their owner goes hunting, but this duck and dog duo are friends, and have been since birth. 

This time they are in an intense play fight with each other.

The dog is biting and pawing at the duck, trying to get on top, while the duck reaches out and bites the dog’s fur and grabs at his tail.

Who can win in this strange and unusual game?

The two chase each other around, with first one and then the other being the one “winning” the play fight.

It may look like they are hurting each other, but they are just playing and having fun.

It is a strange relationship between these two friends, as it is not a usual thing for a dog and duck to be buddies.

They almost act like siblings as they play fight around the yard.

Round and round the yard the two buddies go, as they bite and chew and grab each other and first one and then the other is on top of the other as well.

How long will this “epic” battle last?

It’s hard to say, but they surely must get tired eventually. 

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