Dogs get curious about a lot of things, and this cute fluffy Corgi pup seems obsessed by a doorstop. 

He keeps pawing at the doorstop and watching it spring back and forth with his efforts.

He barks and whines at it, and time after time he pokes it and makes it spring around.

Every so often the dog pauses and simply stares at the bouncy doorstop, as if he is wondering what makes it tick.

He’s not the first dog or even some cats to be mesmerized by a doorstop spring, but he sure has more determination than some of them since he doesn’t give up easy.

He remains true and stays with the battling doorstop and seems torn between wanting it to play and wanting to destroy the golden colored item.

We don’t know why he wants to battle the doorstop, but he barely pauses to rest in between hitting at it and barking softly. 

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