Puppies need to sleep a lot, but you wouldn’t think they would be able to sleep through petting and rubbing their bellies, but you’d be so wrong about this cute pup. 

The little dog is laying under a table in part of the video and is all splayed out with his four feet pointing in all directions and his cute fluffy belly exposed to the world.

His owner can’t resist rubbing that cure little tummy but the dog doesn’t even move.

The dog is shown from several angles, and you can see that he doesn’t even twitch as he sleeps away the day.

From time to time the owner rubs and pets him, but the dog pays absolutely no attention to their actions.

Who would think a dog could sleep so soundly, but he manages to do so for several minutes.

The whole thing is so sweet that when you watch it you won’t be able to resist saying, “AWWWW.”

The pup is that cute. 

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