Puppies must learn lots of new things as they grow into adult dogs, and this cute and furry Corgi is doing his best to learn how to climb up the stairs. 

He tries to jump up with his chubby little body and get up those pesky stairs, but he isn’t quite strong enough to do it.

However, he sure seems determined and doesn’t give up trying to climb those big stairs.

The little pup jumps up and tries hard to reach the top of the first stair, but just can’t reach it.

You just want to be there to pick him up and carry him up those frustrating stairs, but then he would never learn how to do it for himself.

He is a brave little guy who is not going to give up and will just keep jumping and trying to climb the stairs no matter how long it takes.

Let’s root for the little pup to make it up those stairs! 

So, just like the little engine that could, let’s watch this little Corgi think to himself, I think I can, and SHARE this sweet video with everyone we know.

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